Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Performance Dogs

OK, I admit I am VERY behind on my posts and I will give the background to this post in the near future. But for now I have to share with you what we did tonight - the "surprise" I eluded to a couple months ago. We have added a new meaning to what our girls are: "performance" dogs. They are classified that by our vets because of their hunting, agility and other athletic endeavors. Tonight we have done our first traditional "performance": that of dancing to music!

Back in April I took a workshop with a very special lady, Bev Blanchard, who gave an info-packed presentation on all aspects of musical freestyle. The last couple months I've been taking lessons with a very talented lady, Caryn Tindal, creator of Dazzle Dogs. She asked us to be "special" guest performers and we did that tonight at our local library.

Penny, of course, was first. She played, well, herself - a Princess. I was - yep - a frog. Here is our girl - her lovely collar was made by our good friend Tess who also took these pictures.
Penny was very happy to perform as you see here as she is "jumping" in time to Peter Gabriel's "Kiss That Frog." Tess also made that niffy bow tie for me.
Since Penny is WAY more graceful than me, she did all the jumping ;). And at the end I was still a frog since she never would kiss me :(.
Maggie is patiently waiting for me as I do my pantomime at the beginning of the Contours' "Do You Love Me?"
My little girl was a little distracted but she did great and at the end she did "love me" ... "now that I can dance" - well, sort of ;).
I want to thank Caryn for being such a great teacher & inspiration and giving us this opportunity, Bev Blanchard for her awesome freestyle clinic back in April, Kim for helping me with her amazing training expertise & encouragement, Tess for her wonderful support and sewing talent, Len for helping with set-up and finding froggy stuff ;) and all my friends for letting me bore them with all of this! We couldn't have done this without you all!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! :)
Love d

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read how well the performances went last night. I imagine it was hilarious when Penny the Princess Poodle wouldn’t kiss you at the end and you remained a frog. Leave it to Penny to exert her own twist to the tale (or is it tail?). Tess did a great job on the bow tie and the gorgeous collar. Maggie looked so cute in the final photo. Thank you for posting Tess’s great photos. It’s almost as good as being there! QK