Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day

Today as we all celebrate the birth of our nation and the freedoms that we often take for granted I dedicate this post to Kerri's niece Avery and am sharing one of my favorite pictures of her and Max some years back.

You probably remember seeing posts wishing for her quick release at the end of last year. Avery has been back in the hospital for several months now - she is fitted with a mechanical heart and is waiting for a heart transplant. But please, don't feel sorry for her, this little 5 year old spit fire has more courage in her little pinky than most people I know. The courage of her family and how they are facing this challenge with love and optimism is an inspiration to us all. You can find out more about Avery from Kerri's blog where she posts news. Scroll down to the bottom to see pictures of this amazing little girl.

Let us all in our celebrations today pray for the continued independence of our country and for the independence of this amazing little girl. God Bless All!

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Anonymous said...

I can see why this photo of Avery and Max is one of your favorites. It says it all. You know our prayers are with Avery and her family. We fervently hope she receives her new heart soon; she is a remarkable little girl who has had more than her share to overcome. QK