Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy!

I try very, very hard to bring my lunch into work. For several reasons: 1) I don't take as much time for lunch, 2) if I get caught in a conference call or forget what time it is I don't miss lunch altogether, or 3) it is far cheaper and better than our cafeteria food. I end up eating in the cafeteria for several reasons: 1) I forget my lunch in the frig at home, 2) I forget my lunch on the kitchen counter at home, or 3) I forget my lunch in the mudroom at home because I set it down to go back into the house to get something that I remembered that I forgot. Hum, do you see a pattern developing?

Whenever I DO eat in the cafeteria I typically get the salad bar. It has a good variety and I haven't gotten sick on anything...yet. I was doing very well at avoiding said cafeteria because Len would remember to put a lunch together for me AND remind me it was there. Then he forgot and I forgot and I found myself in work's cafeteria after months of a happy hiatus.

I piled up my plate to be weighed by the ounce and stood in line. When it was my turn, the lunch I expected to be under $4 was almost $7! I exclaimed - "Wow! That is expensive" and looked back to hopefully see that some wise @$$ed co-worker had their finger pressing down on the scale. There was no said co-worker doing anything. Just my little plate of salad sitting there staring back at me rather innocently.

Upon my comment, the cafeteria worker pointed at my innocent little lunch and said "HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY!!" punctuating each word with a stab of her pointy finger. Why couldn't she just say that there was a price increase rather than implying I was a glutton? Well, some people have NO sensitivity what so ever!

I sketched two types of scales and couldn't decided which to post so there is two. I am not only forgetful, but indecisive as well. I like the old fashion one, but the electronic one is the one that the evil, insensitive, OVER PRICED cafeteria uses.

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Anonymous said...

I can SO identify with your story. I usually try to bring my lunch to work, too, but last week I actually walked out of the house carrying an empty lunch bag and drove all the way to work before I discovered it. I debated about going to the cafeteria and decided I would try another option. I walked downtown to my favorite bagel shop and bought a bag of 5 day-old bagels for $1 (best deal in town). I ate one of the bagels (jalapeno cheese bagel—my Jewish grandmother is twirling in her grave I’m sure) and took the remainder home. I managed to get away with a 20 cent lunch! QK