Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go to the Mattresses

You know how you have those "little" projects that sort of lie in wait to pipe up to be done at inappropriate times? Well, I've had one. That was to remove some of the gym mats in our attic.

The mats are there for the trampoline that my husband NEVER uses. I have rationalized to leave them be since I use said trampoline. However, lately I've wanted the space for a new project. The surprise project. That probably anyone who reads this blog knows about because I have a great big fat mouth and can't keep exciting stuff to myself.

My reason for NOT doing the job was because it was a big one that I couldn't do by myself. AND there was a ton of paper sitting on it. Well, I exaggerate. Not a ton. But probably a couple hundred pounds that I got for free when a print shop went belly under and they were going to throw it away. I hauled a tiny fraction of the lot - as much as I could stuff in my truck. But first, I needed to clean the storage room up so I could move said paper in there. That was my "reason" for not moving it.

Then enters Kerri and my first artist's date in months at my house. We go upstairs to start art. I fill Kerri in on my plans and how I want to take the mats up. Kerri, being Kerri, offers to help and I exclaim "NO WAY - you are here for art, we are doing ART!"

Now a bit of background. We are BOTH guilty of procrastinating cleaning our art room instead of doing art. So I wasn't going to corrupt her and I was going to do ART.

But then the idea popped into my head. "But you DON'T have to clean the storage room first - you can just pile the paper were it is." The thought nagged me. Then another thought "Oh - you can make room on those shelves in the storage room, just pull the stuff off the shelves and pile it in the storage room. It a great big mess away." And more unwanted thoughts: "Len is home, he can help you move the paper - it won't take long - and the paper is fading there in the sun." UGH!!! So I moved said paper.

And then I started moving, and of course CLEANING all the gym mats AND the floor. Luckily Kerri progressed in her art. I was a GREAT example of want she shouldn't do!!!

In the process of making room for all that paper in the storage room I found a very large empty canvas left over for something we had planned to do for our art show a few years back. So I brought it out and suggested that we do a "joint" art piece. Kerri was up for it and we took turns at it. So among the mattresses art was made by even me. I'll post the canvas in a future post.

It took me 2 more days to get everything cleaned since I also cleaned the mats that were staying there and the floor underneath. There is 800 square feet of 4" thick mats. I don't want to think of how much weight that was. I was VERY sore. And Len was rather annoyed, but was a good sport. But it feels great to have it done. I haven't cleaned the mats in over 10 years and they haven't been pulled up since they were put down. Oh - and I washed the trampoline too.

I want to sell the "extra" mats but Len feels we should sell all at once. Now that I have the space there is a voice calling "get a mini trampoline and claim the rest of the room." Hum...

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Anonymous said...

“Go to the mattresses!” I love it (great double entendre). You and Len have far more ambition (and energy) than I have and I applaud your success in clearing out some space in your beautiful attic. Penny, no doubt, supervised between naps. Thanks for the narrative. As always, your drawing and storytelling made my day. QK