Sunday, June 28, 2009


Zoe does this amazing trick with a tennis ball where you place a tennis ball on her nose and she balances it until she snatches it out of the air so fast, if you blink you can completely miss it.

Today we were totally non-ambitious and we didn't feel like throwing a saliva soaked tennis ball for Maggie and Zoe. So we found ourselves inside an air conditioned house where I hid all tennis balls. Poor TB-deprived Zoe found a duck and brought that instead, looking so hopeful that we'd toss the bird. Instead, Kim started balancing the duck on Zoe's nose and Zoe did her trick. It was fun to watch and balancing the duck on Zoe's nose was not easy. Us humans are so easily amused!

We thought "how cool is this?" That was until Len called and when he inquired what we were doing, I heard myself tell him "we're balancing a duck on Zoe's nose." Kim and I both starting laughing thinking how lame that sounded when we said it out loud. (A lame duck perhaps - sorry, couldn't resist - and I owe that to my dear friend Kathryn.) Anyway, Zoe still is absolutely amazing even though her owner's friend is a lame one ;).

Later, I walked into the room to view the picture above: Maggie sacked out with - yep, the duck - on her head. Sorry Maggie - you just don't have near the talent that your beloved Zoe has!!


Anonymous said...

I see I did train you well! Lame duck is a very clever play on words. I am so proud of you! Our dog can also balance a tennis ball on his nose and then snatch it in the air, but I suspect not as well Zoe. He is also very adept at catching tennis balls in mid air. It is amazing what entertains us, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing. QK

Kerri Jean said...

I have a friend who does a pub trick that is similar to this with beer mug on her head.. .but that's a story for another time!