Monday, June 22, 2009

Cops & Robber - Therapy Dog Fun

Much fun was had as these cops & robber broke into the guest home!

Zoe's out fit has K9 as the last characters of her ID.

A face EVERYONE can love!

You can't read it, but Maggie's outfit says "K9 Cop"
While her posture says "Ain't I cool?!"

Doing "hard time."

Maggie proves she ALWAYS gets her dog!
(Note the hand cuffs - they came with her outfit!)
These girls are so tolerant!

UPDATE: I woefully neglected to give homage to someone who you DON'T see in the pictures. Kim, Zoe's owner, is taking the picture. Kim is a wonderful person and trainer of dogs and horses. She has a real gift and her and her girls (Zoe and Jet) are fabulous role models for me and my girls!! I've learned, and continue to learn so much from this generous soul!


Anonymous said...

What terrific, and patient, dogs. I love the costumes (yours included) and the fact that I know you, Maggie, and Zoe bring smiles to all the guests at the nursing home. I shared the photos with one of my co-workers who was very impressed as well. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your adventures. QK

Debbie said...

Thank QK! But I must point out that the wonderful person you don't see (she's taking the picture) is Kim. She is the one who invited me to Join her and her fabulous dogs at the guest home. They are wonderful therapy dogs and Kim is an outstanding trainer of both horses and dogs. Her Zoe and Jet are models of what I want my girls to be!! It is great to have fabulous human and canine role models!