Thursday, June 18, 2009

Agility - It's Not Just for Dogs Anymore!

File this under the category of "Kids are the mothers of all inventive fun!!" We had some friends coming over whose daughter LOVED dogs. I set up the agility ring for something that Claire could easily run Maggie on. I ran Maggie once, and Sebastian immediately wanted a piece of the action. I told him I'd show him how to do it. But no, HE wanted to run it! And run it he did.
Of course Claire, his sister, did not stand by and let him out do her! Look at the concentration on that young lady's face!!!
Maggie thought this was all rather interesting: "Hey - LOOK - they can do this too!!" FYI Maggie doesn't know what to make of "short people" and was very shy at first. She was trying to sort of hide but was curious and would sort of "sneak up" on them. Then Maggie realized that these short ones can throw balls. Her attitude completely changed!
Here's Claire after the tunnel. Maggie thought - "So she runs through the course and I get my ball - awesome!!"
Meanwhile, Penny thinks "Look at those youngsters. Balls! Running agility! I'm hot. I'm staying in the only shade to be had! Let THEM get heat stroke." Yes, Penny is my smart little girl!!

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Kerri Jean said...

Great action shots. What energy!!!