Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

We have had just a beautiful weather for the last few days: mild temperatures with a nice wind and mostly sunny. Today is the prettiest of the last few days. And befitting of a pretty day is a pretty poodle and friends! Here is Penny decked out in a bandanna that our friend Kim lent us for our therapy dog visit yesterday. Penny matched Kim's Zoe, her partner in "crime", at the guest home for visits with the residents.
I had to try the "look" with Maggie. Here with her FAVORITE friend, Zoe. I didn't bring Maggie to the guest home because her short summer cut her ribs show. Yep - we are still trying to get weight on her. Zoe is amazing - she is a great therapy dog and she puts up with Maggie!
This is a another picture of Penny - I had trouble figuring out which I liked better. I'll let you guys vote!! A freedom that all of our honored veterans have fought, and some who have lost their lives, to provide us all.


Anonymous said...

what pretty pretty girls! :)
love d

Anonymous said...

It’s good to see a new post on your blog. I love all the dog photos; Penny the Precious Poodle, Miss Maggie May, and Zoe the Tolerant, all look great in their patriotic garb. My favorite shot of Penny is the first one, but only by a slight margin. They are all great and make me miss your beautiful homestead. QK