Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Trials and Tributes of Miss Maggie

I figured you all would be sick and tired of seeing pictures of Maggie flying through/over/around agility obstacles. Instead you will see how hard our little girl worked at the agility trial this last weekend. If Maggie had a better handler she would now have her CPE Level 1 Title. ;) Update - she HAD her Level 1 title after her March trail - her handler is also a lousy score tracker!!

But she still has (sing to the 12* days of Christmas):

Six Qualifiers
Four first place ribbons
Two new level titles
Two second places
One third and fourth places
......and a ugliest dog toy....

* Yes, I can't count....or sing....

Yes, the dog toy is called "the Ugliest Dog Toy."


Kerri Jean said...

Go Maggie! ...but I will argue that the dog toy is quite cute, actually! And be kind to her handler, she's one of my best friends, and I happen to know she's her own worst critic!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo—a true tribute to both dog and handler. Congratulations on Maggie’s excellent record. She is a shining star in Agility and at such a relatively young age, too. Kisses to Miss Maggie! BTW, I agree, that is one ugly dog toy. QK