Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs of Spring

We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. Especially since it was below 32 degrees the first day of spring. But yes, spring is indeed sprouting.

Some of you may wonder what strange "creature" is lurking among the day lilies. I was thinking about how the coming of spring means different things to different people. The signs and symbols differ. Some view it as trees forming buds, birds returning from the south, the Cubs starting their loosing streak in spring training, and other signs.

This photo captures two common ones. The first is pretty universal - the sprouting of plants. The second will be recognized by the horse crowd. What you see is an article of clothing known as "pony fleece." It comes in a variety of styles - gloves, jackets, pullovers and even hats. They come in all colors but quickly turn into whatever color your horse's winter coat is. The gloves shown here is a specialty item known as MacFleece. Yes, this is the time of year that I transfer all the hair off my horses onto my clothing and hair. Since Mac is part woolly Mammouth he generates a generous amount of hair. The sad part is that I actually brushed my gloves off before I took this picture.

Ahhhhhh spring is in the air. AHHH-CHHHOOOO!!! Oops - that's not the only thing in the air - pony hair up my nose on the way to my clothing. ;)


Anonymous said...

Very very funny...as soon as I saw the gloves I thought - ah yes - I know that all too well!!! The only difference is my fleece is black! :)

love dk

Kerri Jean said...

Wow. I had no idea they shed that much!! Yes, my buds are peaking through the mulch as well. I welcome spring with open arms!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mac’s hair is worse than my Golden Retriever’s (albeit about the same color). Definitely signs of spring. Thanks for sharing your creative Spring Welcome.