Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Princess and the Pirate

Wow - that sounds like a title to one of those tawdry bodice-ripping romance novels. But, noooo - just the pair of therapy dogs who went to do therapy work this Sunday morning.

So here is the rookie - Maggie, playing the princess.

Here is the pro - Zoe -
showing what a model therapy dog should look like.
Maggie is fortunate to have Zoe as an excellent role model!!

Here's the pair - doing their best to put smiles on faces!!
They sure put smiles on our faces and hopefully yours too!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing the saga of The Princess and The Pirate! I think both Maggie and Zoe look fabulous in their costumes. I don’t know how you get them to accept the outfits, particularly the hats. I cannot get my dog to wear anything on his head (and I’ve tried). It is a true testament to your training and their temperaments. QK

Marilyn Rock said...

Your pups sure put a smile on my face Deb! Thanks for sharing and I'll be keeping positive thoughts for your ponies' new homes.

Kerri Jean said...

Regardless of her skill level, I am sure that Maggie has positive effects on all who get to meet her. Just looking at these images is therapeutic for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how Zoe's leg is hanging off the side of the couch. That is hilarious. Anyone who sees that has to laugh. Maggie just looks happy as can be. I want to be like that!!
love dak