Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I figured I better post something before my fans (all 3 of them - remember it is not the quantity - it is the QUALITY - and they are THE BEST!!) disown me.

I did these little ladies months ago. I think the first one looks like Drew Barrymore!

I'll have more coming soon - how things are going, what I got done (NOT) on my 2008 aspirations list and my 2008 Ta Da list which is very meager.

Stay tuned - I will try to make more art. My artistic energy has been into the puppies lately and also my horses who will be leaving to new homes soon. The ponies are a casuality of my aging body and also the economy. The first new home is a totally fantastic one so I hope the rest all follow that lead!!


Kerri Jean said...

Yay, yippee, hooray - not that I wasn't thrilled with the agility run for Avery -- especially considering that she's MY niece -- but I am soooo glad to see new art. I was preparred to leave a message on the last post - begging you to post something new!! Love the pixies... and yes, she does look like Drew!! Maybe we can do a quick 20-minute art piece when we get together this week? I am already jamming way too much into one evening!!! I just enjoy your company. All else is extra!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment! Not that Avery's my niece - and I DO REALLY HOPE she's doing better - but it's so nice to see a new post! Keep them coming! :)
love d