Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Paws

I bought a Santa Claus outfit for Penny and much to her delight, it didn't fit her. But it fit Maggie. Maggie was a good sport and wore it the buffet at the Guest Home that she and Penny visit as therapy dogs.

Maggie goes with a very experienced Lab on visits so we test road the hat and beard on Jet. Jet was not amused and told us in no uncertain terms that "let the Poodle wear this thing!"

However, Jet didn't mind posing with "Santa Paws"- just as long as she didn't have to wear "the suit." The only shame is that Jet looks FABULOUS in red!!!


Kerri Jean said...

I can't even get Max to put on his sweater when it's 0 degrees out. He cooperated for about 3 days, but now when he sees me take the sweater out, he runs the other way. Love all the doggie pics!!

cheryl said...

Boy am I glad to be back catching up with you and yours..your dogs...your art..you humor...your generous spirit! I just love that you're not wasting that insanity..and sharing it with us! You capture the best photos..and your art, as always...lifts my spirits..and a smile blooms across my face...spontanously! THAnk you Debbie..

Looking foward to staying in touch from time to time!
keep shining!