Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's Snow in Your Eyes!

Better than mud in you eyes! And how pray tell did these girls get this way?

Trying to retrieve snow balls ;)

I promise to catch up on posts. I have lots of fun pictures and also interesting pictures between an ice storm and then a snow storm. My scanner is currently not talking to my computer so no new art for a bit. This year I've gotten quite behind between a nasty cold, company change, boss change, work change, farm changes.

This year I have stepped up my contributions to charities this Christmas. Times are very tough for everyone. As I watch my savings plummet, I remind myself that there are people with no savings, no food, and little hope. So I contributed much to "Empty Stocking", Salvation Army, Good Will and various food pantries. I enjoyed shopping for our "Empty Stocking" child at work since he requested art supplies from an art store. Usually I give a nice check - this time I maximized a great selection of art supplies by using all my art coupons. I got over $200 in art supplies for less than $100. It was fun. I am very behind on Christmas for friends and family but I know they understand that these things needed to be done first.

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