Sunday, November 02, 2008

Treat OR Treat??

With our girls, it was all about treats and no tricks!! Halloween evening we went to visit our friends at our town's Guest Home. We had 2 pumpkin girls (Zoe and Molly) and Penny went as a hot dog.

Frank here is our biggest fan & looks forward to the dogs' visits each week. We joke that he just likes to get the girls into his bed.
Zoe is very happy to comply!

Zoe was amazing - she wore that little pumpkin mask!

Penny was not so amused. She thought this dressing up thing was totally beneath her.
More news to come - Maggie went to get her Canine Good Citizens AND Therapy Dog International certifications so she can join in the fun. Maggie will be a super therapy dog - she LOVES people.


cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

Hi Debbie... boy is it good to be back at your blog! OMG..what good sports Zoe and Molly are..I can't believe she wore the mask! - I can tell that Penny wasn't funny! Thank you for making me smile and laugh as I begin to turn in for the night.

And..your art is more fabulous than ever.. you are an amazing artist of life!
Keep shining my friend..
peace and blessings...


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see a new Blog posting. The girls look so adorable in their Halloween outfits, and kudos to all of you for sharing the joy with the folks in the Guest Home. Next year will be even more wonderful with Miss Maggie joining the fray. Thanks for sharing the event with all your fans. QK

Kerri Jean said...

I think Penny would have preferred to be a more high-brow food than a common hot dog! I cannot believe Zoe wore that mask. Max would have torn it (and then me) limb from limb! Great pics