Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jet's Birthday Card

I realize that I never posted the birthday card that I made for Jet. Kim throws an elaborate birthday for her girls - she even makes creative cakes with dog food (human grade even!) and does the writing using Cheese Whiz. Very cool. Jet is very good at opening her presents. Since it is such a special event I like to make a handmade card. Black dogs are really hard to do!

I painted Maggie on the back so when you turn it over and open it up it looks like this:
Maggie is ALWAYS looking for trouble.


Anonymous said...

It’s good to see some new art work on your blog. I love the B-Day card for Jet. She looks rightfully proud—a true Queen. The reverse side with Maggie planning a sneak attack (and the reference to birthdays sneaking up on you) is a very clever twist. I’m sure Kim is treasuring this card (I know I’ve kept every card you’ve ever sent me—they are true works of art). QK

Kerri Jean said...

Great job with the black dog - perfect shading to create depth and dimension. Adorable card.