Saturday, November 22, 2008

Butter Licker Part Deux

This is indeed a follow up to Maggie's earlier butter transgression. Today we went to make breakfast to discover we only had frozen butter. I placed the butter in the spot where we soften cream cheese - on the kitchen floor at the base of the cabinets directly in front of the heating vent. I told both girls to "leave it" and asked Len if he'd be in the kitchen to keep an eye on it (and "them"). I knew I could trust Penny, but Maggie...well...

I went into the family room to call our equine vet and surprisingly got her on a Saturday. I was expecting only to leave a message. As I was engrossed in my notes and conversation, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Penny trotting in with a thin slip of what looked suspiciously like a butter wrapper. Now, Len does put cream cheese wrappers on the floor for Penny to lick - perhaps that was what happened. However, my spider senses did go up. I finished the conversation and walked into the kitchen: no Len, no Maggie, no butter. I looked over behind the couch to Maggie's "stash" cushion and this is what I found:

Of course she gave me her totally innocent look.

So, butter wouldn't "melt" in her mouth? Hardly. Here is the evidence for the prosecution (note the suspicious teeth marks):

Well, unfortunately with the DNA match from the butter and matching dental impressions (pretty easy when you are missing 7 teeth)...


Luckily Maggie got off lightly. She's a minor and she drove the judge absolutely crazy with fetching her tennis ball - a ploy our lawyer recommended - it worked! However, the judge did inform us that she butter not do it again or he'll have to throw the book (not ball) at her. ;)


Going For Greatness said...

HAHAHAAH!!! ooo such a cute felon you have there!!
I am still laughing!
Mackie wants to know if Maggie has a tummy ache from eating butter?!

I sure missed being online!! I'm here again! YAY!! I will stalk the rest of your blog (what I've missed in the past few months!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh that Maggie! She can look innocent, but it’s all a ruse. What an opportunist. Of course, Len failed to adequately supervise, so perhaps the blame isn’t all on Maggie. You could tell she knew what she was doing wasn’t right, however, because she went behind the couch to finish the deed. Thanks for sharing the sequence of events and I hope Maggie gets a “shortened” sentence (groan). QK

Kerri Jean said...

I love the whole story, but the criminal mugshot is the best... and it also begs the question, where did Len go???