Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anne's Little "Helper"

"Hi Nancy & Debbie. I had help from Maggie the poodle yesterday. Mostly she just watched. When I was dragging my tarp to the weed pile, she would jump on it and make it stop. When I turned around to see what happened, she stepped back and said Huh? Wasn't me. It's okay if she helps more often. They are both so polite."

Catching up on some ideas I jotted down in my idea-book. Anne sent me the email above and it begged to be illustrated! This is just a quick sketch - I hope to make it into a finished piece using acrylic paints. Maggie is such a clown!!


Kerri Jean said...

I can totally see her doing this. I can't wait to see your final interpretation!

Anonymous said...

What a cute illustration. I can just hear Maggie’s thoughts: WHEEEE, a free ride! Maggie does seem like a clown, but also a total love. It makes me smile, even 3000 miles away. QK