Sunday, October 05, 2008

Apple Care?

Sorry I've been MIA lately. A combo of travel, dealing with things on the farm I rather stay in denial about, and "upgrading" my beloved Mac computer. A bit of background on my Mac. I started out with an iBook that was literally bullet proof. However, I filled up the 30 GB hard drive (mostly with music and photos) so I got a PowerBook with a 80 GB drive and a much faster processor so that Photoshop Elements would run faster.

That was 3 years ago. Believe it or not, I filled up my 80 GB of hard drive on my 12" PowerBook. It has performed great for me, even after I dropped it from 4 foot onto a tile floor, when it was open. No, I DIDN'T do this on purpose - my foot caught the power cord. Oopsie! I really didn't need a new computer, just a bigger drive. I entertained the thought of erasing things off but was far too lazy. So I call my favorite Apple Guy who no longer sells Apple computers - but repairs them. I had a couple questions for AG. I've had trouble with my superdrive and wanted to replace it BEFORE my Apple Care warranty ran out. I also had one of those batteries that could catch on fire - again - too lazy to replace it earlier when they recalled them. And I had the storage problem. He gave me a great option - put in a 160 GB drive for a little more than buying another external one. AWESOME! Problem solved. I also saved on the installation because opening up the computer to replace the superdrive was covered by the warranty.

I happily dropped off my Mac before work and expected to pick it up afterwards. Then I got "the call." The AG forgot that in order to get to the superdrive, he'd have to pull the logic board out - which was akin to doing brain surgery. He was chicken to do this so he needed to send my beloved Mac to Apple. There were many apologies and he wasn't going to charge me for the installation of the hard drive which was very nice of him. I was leaving on a week trip and figured it was a good time to send the computer to Apple. I brought it home for the night to copy some files I needed and set up my email. I love Apples - it looked EXACTLY like my old one - only with 80GB of extra space. Everything was there - all my preferences, bookmarks, passwords, etc. I dropped the computer off the next morning and left the state. That is when the "fun" started.

The Apple Care Guys decided for some unknown reason to reformat my new hard drive. I lost everything. But not to worry - I had the old disk drive. I took it back to the original AG (not to be confused with the ACG) so he could repeat what he did. The only problem was that something happened to the old disk drive and the AG had to bring my files over by pieces. I lost my preferences, my calendar, etc. Bummer. Luckily I had totally backed up my old drive on my backup hard drive. I have been spending time trying to get things back to where they were - computer people are twisted and don't put files where you think they should be. I needed an absure file called buried down in the file structure. NOT very intuitive - luckily my AG helped me over the phone. So I'll be using my computer and see what I'm missing as things don't work. Lovely.

The good news is that I just burned 2 DVDs and it worked - both times. My computer is now WAY cooler because of my new battery. I use to be able to heat our house with it. I have a theory that the superdrive died because of the heat (the battery sat right under the superdrive.)

Computers - can't live with 'em, can't blog without 'em!

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Kerri Jean said...

Welcome back to blogland! -- Glad to hear your computer woes are mostly over -- but that warm computer may have come in handy this year!!!