Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lounge Queen

This picture so reminds me of the Carol Burnett version of "Princess and the Pea". Maggie illustrates that Penny isn't the only "Queen of the Cushion". Maggie will jump up on our pile of deck furniture cushions when we bring them in. Sometimes they are piled 7 high and she can make it without knocking them down - for at least a little while.

Penny thinks this is terribly un-lady-like and claims a REAL Poodle only lofts Herself on a single plushy cushion or plushy piece of furniture. As usual, our little Maggie has a different point of view.

Maggie also illustrates that no pile of cushions is complete without a tennis ball. Maggie's idea of an essential fashion item!!


storyteller said...

Had to laugh at the contrast of the two photos … proving even ‘lounge queen’s’ are playful too!
Hugs and blessings,

Kerri Jean said...

I am so impressed with her ability to sit atop that pile. I, for one, would be falling over!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Looks like Maggie and Penny have different approaches to furniture cushions from reading your post :) Maggie looks so comfy atop the cushions and the tennis ball, in her mouth, is the crowning touch.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of Magnificent Maggie on her royal pillows. Yes, she reminds me of Carol Burnett’s “Princess and the Pea” as well. What I really love, however, is that she did learn a trick or two from Penny the Precious Poodle: she crosses her front paws just like Penny. Thank you for sharing these darling photos. QK