Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where I've Been

Ha! And here you thought I'd be reporting form somewhere glamorous. I think not. I have been embroiled with life's "pleasures." Our house turned traitor on us about half a year ago. Nothing that we couldn't ignore: some of the cycles of our dish washer wouldn't stop washing unless we shut off the circuit breaker. The automatic ice and water dispenser on the outside of the fridge stopped dispensing, our water pressure has slowly gone south leaving us with the added extra bonus of black grit in our bath water. Add to this those silly water-saver toilets that were installed in the house to be environmentally conscience that have to be plunged if anything more than 2.75 sheets of regular Charmin (0.77 sheets of ultra-strong Charmin - only useful if you have a butt the size of a pixie - which I don't) gets flushed down them.

Wait a minute - I digress. Those toilets have plagued me since the house was new. Every year I request a new toilet in our master bath as my anniversary present. Ah-back to the traitorous house. We are also in the middle of putting in emergency backup generators to keep the houses and barn water supplies working and keep from freezing solid during one of our many power outages. Believe it or not, our power grid is so ancient that it has been brought to it's knees by small rodents - namely squirrels and chipmunks. The rest of the time it is Mother Nature. More on Her later. We don't yet have those generators operational so that in the event of the next squirrel migration we will have power to our dishwasher that won't stop running EVER, so our water pump can dump a slow stream of gritty water on us and the refrigerator dispensers remind us that when we forget and out of habit go to get water, that they don't work. We are waiting for transfer switches so the generators can be hooked up. We've already paid for everything (propane tanks are expensive as well as the propane that goes in them) and even the NEW stuff isn't yet working. Perhaps whatever our house has is contagious!

OK, so all these things are not a big deal. However, the fact the septic system has broke in the house that Leanne and Dave live in is a BIG DEAL. And I'm having problems getting people out to fix it. Currently it is unknown what is up. We are BIG on preventative maintenance and pump the tanks every 2 years (it has been 1.5 years). It is unclear if all this rain has caused a problem, the generator installing equipment broke something, or if the old farm house caught the same disease from our house and because it is older it really broke but good.

All of this, added to another issue, made me feel like I've been living in the ... yep. You get the picture. And speaking of the picture. Maggie "helped" me with it a bit. She kept knocking my elbow when I was trying to paint: she was trying to get me to throw her tennis ball. At least Maggie didn't "help" me as much as Penny "helped" me in writing an email to Kerri. Kerri's reply was "--It's a good thing that Penny has so many other talents. She's a terrible typist!" Gotta love how that Kerri!

UPDATE: (This post has sat in the "edit" stage for awhile.) The distribution box between the septic tank and leach tanks was "plugged", so the shitty problem has been found and fixed! The back up generator is working for the barn and other our house. Meanwhile, our house continues its traitorous ways and the new power generator is I guess it IS contagious!


Kerri Jean said...

Yay! You are back!! Only you could make light of such a stream of catastrophes. Love the illustration!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand the sewer/septic problem. In our first house together, it seemed every time Bob would leave, something would happen with the septic and poop water would flood the basement. I was always the only one around to clean up said poop water and deal with the emergency poop unclogger guy who showed up. I was always a bit embarrassed when he poked at our poop with his stick or watched our poop float by.

Home owning can be such a hassle...
Good luck with all your projects!
love d

Anonymous said...

First off, it is great to see you posting again. Secondly, oh my Goodness, I wouldn’t wish this series of calamities on my worst enemy (and you are one of my best friends!). I’m so sorry you are having all these things go wrong, but I applaud the fact that you can keep your sense of humor. Thank you also for sharing the update—it helps a bit. Your illustration says it all! Hang in there! QK