Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Matter of Scale

I was playing around trying to translate some of my red gloved ladies into finished, salable art. This is a lady I created for a Illustration Friday topic. I painted her on watercolor paper and cut her out. Then I got side tracked. I was looking through some of my favorite art work: Anahata Katkin's "spare parts" that I have used in my art work. I so love her color combos that I will peruse her art work for color combo ideas. In this case, I was looking for some good background colors that I could use as a seed idea to create an interesting background using colors that I don't normally use. Typically, I fall in love with a color palette and then have trouble of "letting go" of it. In the process of looking through Anahata's book full of journal pages, I fell in love with one and had to drop my little red gloved lady into it. So I'm sharing it with you all.

I will need to go off and make my own background for this lady. I doubt it will look as good as this one. When I paint my own backgrounds I can't do anything this detailed.


Marilyn Rock said...

Love this Deb! The colors, here, of your red-gloved lady - fabulous. I really enjoy her expression, here, on the scale! I would love to see what background you come up with for this.

kerrip said...

The shape of this background does enhance the drama of this piece, I must admit. Keep in mind that Anahata often begins with painting but then digitally enhances her work, so I would suspect that some of the detail is added in that stage. I am sure your background will still be wonderful.