Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It was a Small Group with Particular Tastes

That is what I was told when I picked up my unsold artwork at Hubbard Hall on Tuesday. Supposedly everyone was looking for landscapes. The coordinator was so apologetic about the fact that NONE of my artwork sold. I felt bad because my artwork not selling means it did not make them money. We walked over to get my pieces and it turned out that they had packed all the unsold pieces in my box. It turns out that one of my pieces sold as well as two of Kerri's. There were only three other pieces left which was really better than the last time. They made over $6,000! YAY!

Here's the only one that sold.

This is the one I had yet to do a background for in an earlier post. The background is more colorful than it shows here - this is rather bleached out. I find it amusing that the one I feel has the most whimsy to it sold. That is probably telling. Or perhaps it merely matched someone's bathroom.

I'm not devastated. The ones that didn't sell will make great gifts. I realize that I did not post the one I did of my "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" travel sketch. This one I will give Tess - Bennie's human.

A very amusing event transpired in the identity of the only piece of Kerri's artwork that didn't sell. It was the piece that Kerri just never liked because she thought the lady looked possessed. Kerri called her "pissed-off woman" or "annoyed lady." Len and I found this very amusing because we liked this piece the best. Kerri so blocked this piece out of her mind that when I asked her what to title it she emailed me "Dreamer." What is quite funny is that when I went to put the link to her piece I found that she had already titled it "Alight" and forgot. I guess you were trying to just block her out of your memory Ker! ;)

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Kerri Jean said...

So glad that we both sold something!!! -- Not remotely surprised at which of my pieces DIDN'T sell!!!! -- The most unfortunate thing is that now I get it back. Oh well!!