Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day

I got quite a treat this holiday. It was to start with an artist date with Kerri, my partner in artistic crime, on the 3rd. I got a delightful surprise that when I invited Kerri to bring Max and stay over night she finally said yes!! That made up for the fact that I blew out my back and was in a world of pain and unable to clean the house. But true friends don't mind that you haven't vacuumed your house. ;) Maggie was ecstatic that she had a new canine pal in the house and Penny just moped around hoping to hell that this one wasn't never going back home like Maggie still hasn't.

Kerri and I started Thursday doing some projects to donate for the Hubbard Hall Project fund raiser. I am certain that Kerri will be posting her fun art. I'm still fighting with mine. I am doing some of my cartoons in acrylic paints - a medium I really don't know how to use. But that ain't stopping me. I'll post my creations in various stages of un-doneness over the next few days. I have repainted one background 3 times now. I hope tomorrow I will figure it out.

Thursday night we had a wonderful dinner and then headed out with the puppies to a near-by drive-in: Wally E and Get Smart. We got a short sit outside the car until it started to drizzle rain. Max was begging some popcorn with real butter from Kerri. Sorry for the blurry picture, but I am amazed it came out at all - it was almost dark and I shot it with the flash off. We enjoyed Wally E having to turn the car off and on now and then to defrost the front windshield. The hot air from 3 people and 3 dogs and a very humid night created a bit of fogging. We couldn't stay awake through Get Smart so we headed home to our beds.

Friday, the 4th, consisted of some nice walks on a beautiful day, some art, and tacos for lunch.

After stuffing ourselves with tacos, margaritas and guacamole, everyone was really in the mood for a siesta. A great day was had by all.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! I'm sitting through the 4th showing of Independence Day - something good to watch and paint by.


Marilyn Rock said...

What a wonderful time for all of you! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I'm so happy Kerri and Max joined you and yours for some artful time, good friends and food! Sorry about your back; hope you're feeling better.

kerrip said...

I cannot thank you enough for such a great time Debbie. It was so many good things all rolled into one -- friends, food, dogs, art, entertainment, outdoors,... I am still smiling about it all.