Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dirt Diva

I wrote a lovely post to go with this drawing in an email and somehow deleted it. So I'll try to remember what the heck I wrote!

I had a great artist date with Kerri, my favorite partner in crime. We had the luxury of me staying over night so we could indulge in relaxing and not having to work to such a strict time schedule. Kerri spoiled me with great company, great food, and an only 15 minute commute to my work (compared to a 65 minute commute). I did have a bit of a art-challenged day. I couldn't mix paint colors to save my life. I tried to put together a drawing I wanted to do and it just wasn't coming together. I finally have the wisdom to stop trying to force something that doesn't want to work to work. So the above lady just appeared and I decided to roll with it.

My Dirt Diva is a tribute to Kerri. She loves and nurtures her landscaping and flowers. She made a comment that I found that I also very much relate to. She won't miss her house, but she would miss the outside parts. I totally agree. I love my perennial gardens that I curse at every year when things either die out or totally take over. Seems it is always one or the other!

We had another storm coming with hail so I decided to take some pictures of my gardens before they got clobbered. Here's a couple. We've had storms predicted all weekend and we only got one so far. It took the power out as I was writing this post. Luckily, Len fired up the generator and I'm able to finish. Bye for now!


Marilyn Rock said...

Deb; happy you had that time with Kerri! She is one very special woman - you both fit like a glove :) Love your illustration, here; Dirt Diva - love it. Your gardens are beautiful; hope the storms didn't damage anything.

Kerri Jean said...

I do identify with this woman so much -- fyi, I placed all of my rocks around the shed on Saturday. I love piecing them together like a puzzle until they fit. I probably still need another 8 or 10 to finish the second side, but they look great. Thanks again!! It was such a treat to have you over!!!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorgeous!! I always want to have flower beds like that but I never have the time to do it. Maybe one of these days. :) Hope the hail didn't do too much damage!
Love d

janie said...

love the dirt Diva, and you garden is beautiful.
I've passed on a couple of blog awards to you, don't feel you have to participate, just wanted you to know that I love your blog :)