Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Artist Date & Hubbard Hall Project

During our artist date I was really struggling in creating some art on the 6"x8"MDF (medium density fiber board) supplied to us. This time around, we can do other sizes and don't have to use the MDF.

Last year I played with a variety of projects that lended themselves well to the board. 3 of the 4 pieces I made sold. This year I really wanted to translate my cartoons to the board. This was tough since I typically use watercolor, or a combo of watercolor and color pencil. I repainted one board 6 times.

This board was one I was very happy with the basic background which is acrylic painted stamped over using two colors of Color Box chalk ink. It is modeled after a ATC that I made a while back using an Anahata Katkin background. I got stuck at that point. I decided to do the red gloved lady in watercolor and cut her out instead of painting her directly on the board. I did paint the "arch" directly on the board. I used a compass to draw the lines for the rings. The "petals" I cut out from those sponges that are flat until you drop them in water. I then "inked" them with acrylic paint.

I'm not real happy with the finished product and like my original ATC card much better. The paint I used for the ring was shinny when it dried. So I painted over with dilute matte gel medium to take the shine off. It muddied the color more than I like. The plus was that I could use color pencil over the top of it to lay in details. Over all I am not thrilled with this. But I did learn a few things I would like to try to perfect. I am not confident that this one will sell.

Don't worry - I'm not on a completely negative jag - I'll be posting my favorite one next!


Marilyn Rock said...

I do like the movement of this Deb! The bird with your illustration really gives it life! I can't wait to see your favorite :)

Kerri Jean said...

I think the background on this piece came out fabulous. -- But I know what you mean about the shiny paint -- was it Golden fluid acrylic? I am discovering I don't like to use them in combination with other "flat" acrylics because they shine too much and stand out in an awkward way.