Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spaced Cadet

That is what I've been lately. Lack of sleep, extra horse duty, Anni's poor face exploding, again, and put on top of that a miserable heat wave has fried my poor brain. The only good thing I can say about the heat wave that broke with a nasty storm last night is that the 96 degree weather with 120% humidity makes today's 82 with low humidity feel almost chilly. Well, not really, but I'm delighted that it cooler - and so are all two and four legged creatures on the farm!

Leave it to our red-gloved lady to talk NASA into a bit more fashionable space suit. I did a little pencil sketch of this little lady after watching a special on "Lost in Space." I don't even know why I watched the special - I hated "Lost in Space" as a child which was odd because I loved all-things-science-fiction. I thought the series was stupid and really hated Dr. Smith. I guess there was truly nothing on 999 channels at that time. Don't you find that amazing - all those channels and nothing worth watching.

I will be waving good-bye temporarily as I head out to visit my Mom. Back to the friendly skies. I so love air travel with all the cutbacks. Right!


Anonymous said...

I share your feelings about Lost in Space. I met Jonathan Harris, the actor who played Dr. Zachary Smith, at a dinner party in the 1960s. I seem to remember thinking he was a bit full of himself, but that could have been my own insecurity as a teenager. A bit of trivia: originally Dr. Smith’s role was to be short-lived (six episodes I think). He got so much fan mail, however, that they extended the contract. Guy Williams, the supposed lead, actually had far fewer lines than Harris (he actually quipped that he must be paid more per word than Lawrence Olivier). I do like your version of a Space Cadet—she’s very stylish and her red gloves definitely make a statement. Enjoy your trip. QK

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your Space Cadet Deb! Sorry about Anni; she's been through a lot! I will keep positive thoughts. Enjoy your trip to visit your mom.

kerrip said...

I was not fond of the show, but I loved Angela Cartright, so I suffered through it quite a bit... but how you managed to find that show and settle on it to begin with is boggling. Love the stylish suit. My dad always wanted one of his daughters to follow in his footsteps and become a State Trooper, and we always said we wouldn't wear the pants - they were just so unflattering on women's bodies. So maybe you can redesign that next!!