Sunday, June 22, 2008

Illustration Friday: "Hoard" - Fact or Fiction?

I thought a bit about the act of hoarding. Of things that I have been accused of hoarding. Of things I have accused others of hoarding. Of things I've advised others to hoard for that rainy day or impending meteor impact. So the following are a few scenarios that I will leave for my readers to decide.

Mac's Carrot Hoard
If you picked "a" as fiction and "b" as fact you are correct. Mac has been unsuccessful in hoarding food stuffs. His style is to stuff food in his mouth, keeping his hoard in his belly only temporarily.

Maggie's Tennis Ball Hoard
If you picked "a" as fact and "b" as fiction you would be partially correct. Maggie tries to hoard her balls in Penny's crate. However, she is the charter member of TBA (Tennis Ball Anonymous) because Maggie can't hold her balls - she brings them to any available human who throws them until they end up under the sofa.

Debbie's York Peppermint Pattie Hoard
If you picked "a" as fact, you are correct. I kept my hoard of York peppermint patties at work in the second drawer of my file cabinet. I try very hard to "ration" them out during the day. The chipmunk look isn't a good one for me so I eat one at a time. The migration time between drawer and my mouth is directly proportional to my frustration level during the work day. Some days they don't last past 7:03 am!

The technique was really quick in a 4" x 4" kraft paper notebook using pen, color pencil and water color (which bled through the thin paper muddying things up a bit - oops - I don't typically put 2 page spreads in that notebook.)


Marilyn Rock said...

Deb! Visiting your Blog makes me smile - no matter what is going on with me. I LOVE this post and your illustrations to go along. Hoarding; what a wonderful subject! Man; this brings me to my rubber stamp collection - YIKES! :) Thank you for the smile!

sandra said...

I agree with Marilyn, your illustrations made me laugh. I identify well with the chipmunk cheeks

kerrip said...

Great illos, my friend. I am back from Martha's Vineyard and it appears you are back from your mom's. I'll try to send you a longer note today or tomorrow.

janie said...

Hi there, just enjoyed a long overdue browse through your blog, you're great, so entertaining and interesting.
I love your world of puppies and ponies, thanks for sharing it so well.

Connie said...

These are super drawings and thank you for the game!

Anonymous said...

I love it love it love it!!!
love d