Monday, May 19, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I was working on some "holiday" cartoons over a month ago in pen and watercolors. I created one of Mac for Easter. I wasn't real happy with it and have wanted to redo it.

I decided to redo it using the new technique that I used for my lonely little petunia. I really love this technique using a combination of color pencils and watercolors. Why is it different than just plain watercolor pencils? The result is more brilliant - wetting watercolor pencil gives a bit dilute look. The color pencil/watercolor mixture gives a vivid, more textural look (which you can't really see in the scan). I'm still playing with it.

Either way Mac looks pretty annoyed in his pink bunny suit.


kerrip said...

great technique. I love the idea of using regular colored pencils for richness and watercolor for blending and fluidity. I also admire your persistence. I would have abandoned this sketch until next year because the holiday had passed!!!

Going For Greatness said...

My conversation with Mackie about this piece you did with Mac in his pink bunny suit!

Me to Mackie - "So what do you think of this one?!"

Mackie - "Mac looks mad!"

Me to Mackie - "Yeah? Why do you think so?"

Mackie - "Because Mommy! He doesn't want a PINK bunny suit! He's a BOY and he wants a BLUE one!"

then she rolled her eyes, shook her head and walked away!

so that's that!

Gabi and Mackie too!!