Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Your Venus

Here's a 10-minute sketch I did during lunch at work. Usually I work right through lunch, eating my lunch at my computer.

One of my co-workers had brought me a couple of wonderful gifts from Greece. But of course I gravitated to the cool paper the gifts were wrapped in. There was a graphic of Venus which inspired me to make a lady that is not only pissed off that she has no arms, but that she also can't wear red gloves.

It sucks being a statue!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I needed the laugh your ten-minute sketch just gave me. I think she's pissed off because she can't pull her dress back up. Yes, being an armless statue does put you in a distinct disadvantage. QK

kerrip said...

and I think she's pissed off because she can't scratch that itch on her forehead with no arms. Great. I love that you liked the paper as much as the gift. Like a toddler who likes the box more than the toy. You're still a kid at heart!!!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Yep she's definitely miffed! Lack of arms is going to post a lot of problems!
HAHAH!! I do the same thing! I LOVE interesting papers and wrappings!!