Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday we picked up our dear Anni mare from Tufts. She has had such a rough go of it. Two holes in her head, her face sliced open and now, her face "flapped" open to hopefully put an end to her misery. We picked her up and was expecting the worse. Actually the flap isn't as large as we expected and there was little swelling. The people at Tufts have been great and very organized. Anni is at home and very happy to be back in her own stall and going back outside to her pasture. Anni is a fast healer and we hope this is the end!

Luckily Anni is a good sport and the only way to get through tough times is to keep your sense of humor. Sometimes it is the only thing you have (my bank account has been emptied out between Cornell and Tufts). All I could think of before we picked her up was how much this mare has been sliced up . Thus - Frankenmare. I envisioned Madeline Kahn after she had her first, er, encounter with "ole zipper neck". So I've added "Frankenmare" to "Count Macula". Hopefully by Halloween all of the last 7 months trials and tribulation will be forgotten!


kerrip said...

So glad Anni is home. Love this cartoon, but I must confess I'm glad not to see the real Anni right now. poor dear.

Anonymous said...

Frankenmare (or Franni-stein as I like to call her) looks so cool, particularly if juxtaposed with Count Macula (whose card sits proudly on my desk!). I love the skunk-stripe in her hair and the very attractive neck bolts (all the rage, I hear). You know I hope Anni has a fast and thorough recovery. Thanks for keeping us all apprised. QK

Going For Greatness said...

AnniStein! lol that is such an AWESOME piece! I LOVE the color, the movement in her mane and the stitches... just classic! LOVE IT!!
I am glad she's home, resting easy and is again comforted by her own surroundings and people!!
(((HUGS))) to her for a speedy and uneventful recovery!!
Lots of love from Mackie too