Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All in a Day's Work

Well, in Penny's case - two days work. We went to our first Canine Performance Event Agility Trial. It was hectic - her first outside trial and there was 2 rings running at the same time. I had volunteered to time, assistant scribe and be ring crew. It was really hectic! There were a lot of games that were complicated and I hadn't "played" so I was so happy I didn't "choke". I tend to get stage fright.

Penny got two titles, 8 qualifying scores (Qs) and several first places! She was "slow" Penny, but slow Penny is easier to steer!! I was a bone head on the first run - we should of had a 9th "Q" and we had a shot at getting a 10th "Q" but I turned my back on her and she back jumped through a tire. Handler error in both cases. There was an award for a "perfect weekend" and we came really close to getting it! She's such a good girl!


kerrip said...

Geez, another over-achieving Wachel!!! That's fabulous. I love this photo -- she looks so regal and self-satisfied. As she should!! Meanwhile, Max barked at 3 joggers, two bicyclists, and i extracted something from his mouth this morning that was either a very old piece of grilled chicken or something tossed out of shop class at Shaker High.

Cheryl Finley said...

What a good Penny she is! Congrats to you both! And..I'm still lovin' your artwork - especially the new banner : ) Keep the insanity comin'!!

Going For Greatness said...

Ooo Congrats!!
I spent many years showing in confirmation/Breed and also agility! FUN!! I hope you enjoyed it and even more so that Penny did!