Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Ok, so we've all done it. Either our slow digital cameras, our reflexes, or a combination of both are to blame. Oh - there is also the delays due to the "damn lens cover" and the "lousy flash is still recharging!"

When trying to catch our favorite four legged friends on film/memory card, we check the picture to see either a bit of tail or a nice green patch of grass. OR, in the case when our friends are rushing at break neck speeds towards us, we get a very blurry picture of a nostril immediately followed by a smudged lens. I have many blurry pictures - you know, the type that the National Enquirer could use to prove the existence of...well...just about anything! Those writers are pretty...er...creative. And for "those who need to know": I do own stock in lens cleaner.

I have deleted most of those incriminating pictures out of iPhoto, although I'm certain I have horse nostril photos in the thousands of boxed horse photos I have planned, for years, to sort through and scan. Due to that fact, I have provided you artist's renditions of my favorite noses.

Now, in case you are wondering: the horse is, of course, Mac. Anni is not as "nosey" as Mac. The tongue is another clue that it is Mac. Mac is related to Gene Simmons somewhere back in his blood lines - on the Arabian side I believe.

PS: I did find one photo lurking in iPhoto. Guess who? I'll give you a hint - she'd NEVER think of smudging a lens - way too unlady like!


kerrip said...

great close-ups! thank heavens for digital cameras!!! (delete, delete, delete,...)

Anonymous said...

It took me a mere second to figure out the nose-print picture (I guess I have experience). I love the perspectives of doggy nose and horsy nostril. They remind me of a children’s game of identification of objects from unique angles. Of course the photo is Penny the Precious Poodle as a puppy (before her coloring lightened to her beautiful champagne-tinged coat befitting her regal bearing). Very nicely done! QK