Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get Thee to a Nunnery

My undergraduate professor yelled this at me one day in total frustration. I was a bit naive. I thought I had outgrown it. Until I woke up at 3 am in the morning wondering if I was ever going to get a hat I bought on the internet last...October. I had admired the person's work for some time and finally made the plunge. I had bought a wig from her on eBay so I ordered from her website, paid my Paypal bill, then the Mastercard bill (thus loosing any recourse), figuring that I would indeed get my hat in the mail. I'm still waiting.

I believe this explains why this nun flew out of my pencil and into my sketchbook. I guess if I was to become a nun, I would want a robe long enough to hide a man under. OK, OK, this is so totally off the wall, but then, so am I. Some Psych grad student could write their PhD disseration using my blog as their sole reference. But I'll spare them the trouble. Yes, I am insane. If the blog title doesn't cinch it, then the fact I own horses and have poodles trained as hunting dogs should put any debate to a speedy end.

If I've insulted any of my dear Catholic friends - I apologize - but note I did leave the rosary out of the picture. Hopefully God will not strike me down dead when I post this. Even so, I still feel like I need to go to confessional. Forget for a moment I'm not Catholic. But I can picture myself in one of those quaint confessionals like you see in the movies "Forgive me Father for I have sinned." What will my penance be? A couple decades working for a government agency? HA!! Too late - been there, done that. Wait - He certainly doesn't mean for another two decades!! Surely that guy on the other side of the curtain was joking! Perhaps it's not a priest but is really the "Great OZ" on the other side of that curtain. Or, Oou! Oou! - it's actually ZORRO!! Wait - wait! That is Antonio Banderas under my robes! Now there's a lovely though...ummm....

I am a strong believer that God has a sense of humor. I guess I'm gonna put that theory to the test. If you don't hear from me again you will know I was wrong!


kerrip said...

Amen! It's about time someone acknowledged that all sense of humor is God's creation! As a very lapsed Catholic, I make a lot of my own rules, but I do believe he loves it when we laugh at ourselves and our customs - I know that he does!! Of course, this does not negate the fact that you still are, indeed, insane!!! Sorry about your hat. That bites. Love the background on your blog header!!!

Anonymous said...

I think man is proof that God has a sense of humor! I am sorry you had a bad experience buying on E-bay; I had my first non-delivery and it does sour you on it. Just like riding a horse, though, the best cure is to get back into the saddle and start bidding again (that’s what I did). I love your nun, but do I see a pair of eyes under her robe? Hmmmm, did you actually draw Antonio Banderas under those robes? Yes, someone could have a field day analyzing your blog, but that’s why we love you so much. QK