Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CAT Scan

Yesterday we dropped Anni at Tuft's Veterinary School for a CAT scan and possibly major surgery. Cornell decided not to return calls even to repeated calls from our local vets. We just couldn't wait any longer and Tuft's also had a CAT scan, skilled surgeons and the desire to do the procedure. We had gotten several second opinions, including one from a vet who treated Barbaro. They confirmed what we already knew - CAT scan was the only way to go, otherwise we'd be "chasing" the problem around indefinitely.

This morning Anni had the CAT scan and then went directly into surgery (they had to knock her out for the CAT scan). Anni had a lot still going on in the sinuses above where the tooth was extracted. She also had a track from the right sinus along her palette and to the other side of her sinuses. Poor mare. I don't even want to imagine what her face looks like. They used a polymer based bone cement to seal along the palette and prevent "communication" between the sinus and where the tooth was removed. They also implanted a time released dissolvable antibiotic to directly address the infection at its source. Anni is currently all drugged up and resting comfortably in her stall. She will be there until at least Monday. We are hoping that this is the end of it. She's such a good girl.

Anni coliced Monday morning when we were preparing to take her to Tufts. She was perfectly fine, ate her breakfast, then we pulled her out to brush her and put her back in her stall. When I went in to put her shipping boots on I found her colicing. We believe that when she saw the trailer pulled up when she was in the cross ties she got stressed. The last 3 times she's been in the trailer she's had nasty things done to her every time. Anni is such a good girl - we just forgot the trauma she has suffered. Actually I'm amazed that she walked right onto the trailer yesterday. We're going to give her a round of Gastro-gard - she's been through a lot - lots of stress, lots of antibiotics. When we get her home and recovered we are also going to put her on the trailer for a "happy" trip. We'll take her somewhere close - grain her and let her eat grass and come back. Anni's always been a great traveler and we don't want to lose that!!


kerrip said...

I love to read about the amazing thought and caring that you give to your animals. The are very lucky to have you. What a wonderful idea to give her a good trip after all of her trials.

kerrip said...

sorry, me again. I was so wrapped up in the story that I forgot to mention how much I love the "cat scan."!!! you have a brilliant sense of humor and a wonderful talent at capturing it visually!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you and Len are the best Mother and Father to your 4-legged children ever! You go to extraordinary lengths to assure that your animals are well cared for, and I know they appreciate it and love you with all their hearts. I do hope this latest surgery heals Anni completely. We don’t want to stress her out any further. I do like your rendition of a cat scan (very cute!). Please keep us apprised of Anni’s recovery. QK

Scrapdragons said...

oh my! Poor Anni! Mackie wants to write her a letter and make a picture for her. We'll be mailing that off to you tomorrow!
Give her kisses for us, especially Mackie! Oh.. and one for Mac too.. she insists!
I'm glad Anni is such a trooper, she's a wonderful girl and I hope this is the last of her troubles!
Gabi, Mackie and Ellie too

Going For Greatness said...

hee hee hee that last post wqs from me... I was logged into the wrong blog when I posted!