Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Earlier this week I glanced over to find Maggie peering over the counter top looking all cute and "innocent." She was also licking her lips. As my brain tried to work out why she was licking her lips (what did she find on the kitchen floor?), her tongue shot out of her mouth and licked a stick of butter my beloved had left very close to the counter's edge. I was so taken aback by her open and unapologetic disobedience that I was momentarily stunned. Did Maggie think her cuteness made her transgression invisible?

In a fraction of a second, I quickly corrected Maggie and sent her out of the kitchen for an isolated time out: a far more sinister punishment for our little social butterfly than a beating.

Where was Penny during all of this drama? Right next to Maggie looking like "I wanted to but I didn't - honest!" Penny then looked rather guilty when Maggie was yelled at and banished from the kitchen. When I returned back into the kitchen I found Penny: her posture was upright, her tail was tentatively wagging. I'm not at all certain if it was because Penny was: a) relieved that she wasn't deemed guilty by association, or b) happy that Maggie was temporarily banished from the kitchen with the extra added bonus that any food hitting the floor was hers. Probably it was a combination of both a and b.

*Not to be confused with Butt-Licker


kerrip said...

Love this illustration. You've captured that sneaky dog tongue perfectly. Although Max can't reach any of our table tops or counters (thankfully), I've seen this move in other ways. Whaddya do with the rest of the butter? I would have used it for Scott's bagels. (ha ha ha - evil laugh)

Debbie said...

Well, actually I just wiped off that end and put it back in the frig. It was delicious on our garlic toast the next morning! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love the expression you gave Maggie in your drawing. I remember years ago when Regal (Midas’s sire) did the same thing with a cube of butter we left on the counter. Of course, he also took a large portion (the entire middle) of an apple pie once that was also too close to the edge. This is the way our dogs train us to be better owners. QK