Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This was a beautiful weekend: 70s, clear sky, nice breeze. It was actually too hot because our horses still have their winter coats so they were a bit cranky. And the flies are already bad. The puppies didn't mind. They both got bones to eat and they were most happy!

Meanwhile, I spent lots of time on my perennial gardens, cleaning the garage, putting some of our winter clothes away. I also spent lots of time with my two girls. Maggie is back and already challenging me with her training. She knows what to do, but not for me. However, Maggie was fantastic at puppy agility. We were having a good day yesterday! I've been working very hard to spend separate time alone with Penny. I'm hoping that she will not get so put out this time. Maggie is such a pest pushing her way in all the time! A little witch indeed, but a lovable one!

1 comment:

kerrip said...

oh to be a poodle on your farm!! That's what I want to do the next time I visit - minus the bone, of course!