Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are We Spring Chickens or Aren't We?

Spring has been veerrryyy slow in coming this year. Even though the horses have said spring was coming two months ago & are currently shedding like mad and the perennials in my garden declared that spring was indeed here three weeks ago, 15 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures continue to conflict with the calendar.

Spring keeps on taunting us. A day of luscious spring weather and then POOF, a disappearing act with snow making a come back.

Here's to spring - whenever it decides shows up!

Penny and I will be spending our weekend at a local doggie agility trial. Wish us luck!


Toni said...

Debbie -- I have only just found your blog, and it is so great I have a little something for you on mine: come visit when you get a moment, pretty please.

kerrip said...

Hi Debbie,
I laughed when I read your post, as mine began with the same kind of lament about spring's late arrival!!! - Check out your award from Toni -congratulations!!! I agree completely -- you are amazingly talented, funny and REAL!!!!