Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Alone At Last

While I have been missing our little brownie, Penny has felt that things are finally back to "normal". We are certain that she's thinking "Wow - that was the longest we ever dog sat a dog before!" I haven't had the heart to tell Penny that Maggie will be coming back in another week. I'll let Miss Penny enjoy ignorant bliss for now. The bliss of not having a puppy hanging off her ear or back leg, the bliss of not having a puppy making noise all night because she dreams out loud, the bliss of not having a puppy that takes up way too much of Penny's human's time! Penny gets happier and happier each day Maggie is gone. I guess Penny really should have been an only "child." Too bad! Although I know that there are several people who would LOVE to take Maggie off our hands - she's all ours - sorry Miss Penny!

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Anonymous said...

Our darling Penny the Precious Poodle is just a bit spoiled, isn’t she? I love her dearly, as you know, but she really does feel she is the one-and-only. I love your pictorial depiction of our pampered pooch in her state of denial. I’m betting her nose will be in the air for the first two weeks of Magnificent Maggie’s return. Please keep us updated. QK