Monday, March 31, 2008

Me and My Shadow?

It has been a little lonely around here lately. Our little Maggie girl is off at boot camp, taking her first step to becoming a hunting dog. I do miss her following me around the entire house. I miss her happy little face greeting me when I come home. I even miss her plopping a tennis ball on my lap, on my computer keyboard, in my the toilet...wait, I don't miss that last one.

Penny never was a shadow - even as a tiny puppy. Penny is a bit more like a cat: she likes people when she choses and is happy to be alone - when SHE choses.

So just about the time I get use to not paying attention so I won't trip over Maggie, she'll be back. Hum - that is a nice thought - her coming back, not my tripping over her.

Coming up: Penny's reaction to the situation!


Going For Greatness said...

Oh.. Maggie-Girl is away at bootcamp!! That's exciting! How's she doing? Do they give progress reports during the training or is it a 'lock down' facility through the entire course??
I'm excited to hear about it!
Hugs and all that jazz :)

Anonymous said...

I know you miss your Maggie. She’ll be back soon. It is an odd feeling to walk into the house expecting the normal greeting from a beloved pet and all you get is a void. I totally understand. QK

Anonymous said...

Trainer Jennifer here at Quinebaug Kennels talking about our little girl Maggie. We LOVE her! While she is still in a bit of protest at the 'horror' of being thrown into 4 has finally proved to her that she CAN have fun! She is doing well in her training and we have expectations that she will be a shining star! (Maggie does not even know what a star is, but she said she will try!)

kerrip said...

Love this illo. And of course I know what it's like to miss your shadow. Even when Max is just at the groomer's for the day, his absence is felt everywhere in my house. Hang in there!