Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mare Woes

Or is that MORE woes?

Poor Anni. Last Sunday her stitches were removed and she looked great. The next day her face "exploded". She has a nasty infection in her face/sinuses where she was cut open for the tooth extraction AFTER they worked for 5.5 hours and the tooth broke.

Anni is a great trooper. She now has a needle stuck into her face to rinse the wound and sinuses twice a day. The face suture is also hot-packed 3 to 4 times a day with a hot green tea compress. It is quite an effort to wrap her face in a way that the hot compress will stay put.

We have waited all week for the bacteria culture and it turned out to be a nasty one. Probably picked up at the veterinary hospital. No different than people who go into the hospital and come home with bad staff infections. The vet is probably going to put an IV port into her neck so we can inject the needed antibiotic directly into her blood stream. Nasty infections require nasty antibiotics. The one we'll be using is heavy duty and will stress her kidneys. Luckily, she is a healthy little mare.

Anni has kept to her full name: Anni Star. She is so good at standing by the IV bag when we flush her face. It is hard to keep still when water is coming out one of your nostrils! The good news is that she has been in a very good mood since she came back from the Cornell. We figure she must have been really uncomfortable. The day after she came home, she ran out an open gate and ran all over the farm bucking and farting the entire time. We hope this antibiotic will do the trick and she'll get back to normal!!


kerrip said...

bless dear Anni. What an amazing good girl!!

janie said...

The poor sweetheart, sounds like she's getting the best of care though, must be quite distressing for you too. Hope it all heals quickly for her.