Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday - Two

Two for Tea

For this week, the Inspire Me Thursday topic was "Two". They were right: endless possibilities. There were so many ideas that came into my head but I settled on a current event. My dear talented artist friend, who I have watched blossoming for years, has been given a new freedom. Or perhaps it would be better described as she finally gave herself permission to soar to new heights, literally. I was blissfully happy listening to her emancipation plans on the phone Saturday night. Now, yes, I wish we could have done it as pictured above, but hey - we take what we get! Of course in our minds we are long legged, skinny young women. Not certain why we have curly hair though. The emancipated imagination is a mysterious critter!

Kerri and I definitely could be described as "two peas in a pod, double trouble, terrible two’s, the perfect pair" with the middle two probably the closest to truth! Kerri - you go girl! And we'll do "tea" soon! And perhaps get perms - or not.


Patricia J. Mosca said...

I love this...evokes a smile right to my face! I have a friend just like this!! LOL...Think I'll call her tomorrow for TEA FOR TWO!
Artfully Yours,

Landi said...

This is such a lovely and fun illustration. Love it.

Spontanity said...

I really really love this :):)
And I love TEA!!!!
Greetz from Holland

kerrip said...

Thanks Debbie!! I love this illustration!! This one calls to be a greeting card sooooooo much. All of us tall skinny girls would buy it for their tall skinny friends (ha ha)!!!! Hmm. Double trouble or terrible two's - some of each, I think!!!

Anonymous said...

It’s good to see you posting blog entries again. I wish we could have made it “Tea for Three” and I could join you and Kerri. I’d be tall, thin and leggy, too, but I’d be wearing a hat, of course. I love the explosive gesture you have in your Two for Tea composition. It is very freeing. QK

navylane said...

Oh, this made me smile. Your illustration and your witty thoughts. :)