Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Badly in Need of a Freeform Sunday!

Anni, work, puppies, and taxes have sucked up my time for a couple of months. Poor Anni and dealing with the government has sapped all my energy. So I snuck off for an hour in my art room to try to re-energize. Well, more like 45 minutes. And it took 20 minutes to clear off a clean spot. Among everything else I've been trying to get junk out of my house!

This non-red gloved lady didn't come out how I wanted. I would have been better to use watercolor paper so I could spread the colors the way I wanted. Oh well. But, the rules of freeform Sunday (so I'm off a few days) is to post whatever I make. So here it is.

The wrap was to be of a see-through chiffon and I don't know how to really do that. I wanted vibrant, bright colors and an airy feel. Life has been so full of grays: the snow is mostly gone and all that remains is dead and grey. But I know that spring lies right below the surface. You can smell it coming even if you can't see it. Orange isn't my favorite color, but this orange called to me - so bright and happy. So here she is! She makes me smile. Now if we could only smile at a healthy Anni soon!


janie said...

very elegant.

kerrip said...

What a bright and also soothing image to come home to!! I love the way the orange and yellow feather into one another. I hope Annie is better soon!!

Going For Greatness said...

Oh I like her! Gorgeous colors and great technique! Wow I have missed your blog SO MUCH! I haven't been on much due to internet/computer ISSUES! *GASP!*
But I'm back in full force! I have to catch up now!!