Sunday, January 13, 2008

There's Something Fishy in My Background

I'm still struggling with the project from hell. However, I think I figured out one of my construction problems and also realized, again, that part of my concept was too complicated. So I'm regrouping. And getting ready to go to work early tomorrow morning in a snowstorm. Oh joy.
These watercolor doodles were done in Scotland. I was playing with my new favorite palette on some cheap non-watercolor paper. I've been wanting to create my own backgrounds since I did a group of ATC cards using my own artistic elements (an important accomplishment on my 2007 Ta-Da list). The backgrounds that I used were ones I bought from Anahata Katkin. I love her backgrounds and they go well with my elements. However, I can't use her backgrounds in my original work if I want to sell it, so I need to start creating my own. Kerri has been helping me learn how to create my own backgrounds in Photoshop starting from scratch and also starting with copy right free scanned in backgrounds.

I also want to incorporate some of my own elements into the backgrounds. Some of my favorite elements being birds and fish. So while in Scotland I started playing a bit. I did the bird first, realizing that in a background I won't want to detail in black. It needs to be subtle. I also didn't like the flow/form (weird form and stagnant), but I kept it for the colors which I liked. The fish were closer to what I was shooting for - especially the lower right hand one. But they may be still too detailed. Good starting point and I'll keep working at it.


kerrip said...

I don't dislike the bird, but I do love the fish. Oh, the potential for making these into great backgrounds in Photoshop!!!

janie said...

ooh, lovely swishy fishy :)

Going For Greatness said...

Note from Mackie...
The bird is my favorite, it's perfect. Do you ever paint with yellow? Yellow is my favorite!
Did mommy tell you that I have my first horseback riding lesson on Saturday? We will send you and Mac pictures!