Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sneak Peek

You all have been "hearing" me gripe about my mixed-media-art-challenge-from-hell. This has been the reason my blog has been very thin on art lately.
Kerri has organized this fabulous art challenge (yes, I'm complaining, but it is still a great project!). Technically I cannot share my finished project with you. Kerri is going to submit the project to some art magazines and they are specific about not considering previously published work. However, I have to share just one little piece with you so you believe that I haven't been lying to you this whole time and that I've been actually playing with our new puppy rather than doing any art! Well, I HAVE been playing with the puppy - as I was doing this art.

I have to tell you that I really relate with Jillian on "Project Runway" in that "Eye Candy" challenge. I didn't realize how much "tediousness" my idea would involve! Yikes!

And I'm not exactly cheating on her (Kerri, not our new puppy), because this isn't the finished product. There are 32 "pieces" to this game and this is only one piece, one that isn't even finished yet. I'm still working on the base.

I'm doing a rather "obvious" interpretation for this challenge in that I'm making a game from...a game. But it is a new game that will be colorful, playful, and well, just "me." I'm making an entire set of "girls". It will be "The Games Girls Play." Hopefully you'll see it in a real publication. Wouldn't that be sweet!?


kerrip said...

Holy chess set!!! That is amazing!!! I cannot imagine 32 of those beauties but I am so excited that I get to see it in person and write about it!!!! Fabulous!!! My piece continues to be the most underwhelming in comparison, sigh!

Going For Greatness said...

Ok totally coolness! I LOVE Vikings and think Helga is one kickin' mama!! She's awesome. This is cool stuff! I look forward to seeing what stuff ya come up with for her! She RAWKS!