Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My New Alter Ego

Meet "Helga - the Avenger!"

She is my new alter ego. You may be asking yourself a few questions:
  1. Why is Helga my new alter ego?
  2. What is she avenging?
  3. Why does a Viking have a Swedish name?
To answer you:
  1. Because she said so.
  2. My right to do art.
  3. I have no idea and I'm afraid to ask her!
Helga is one of the fifteen pieces to my mixed-media-art-challenge-from-hell project. Kerri and I had an artist date that was very productive and I FINALLY got over the hump in my project. Kerri was vital in helping me in a variety of ways.
  1. She kept me from slitting my wrists
  2. She solved my nasty problem of how to glue fabric to the playing board
  3. She talked me out of redoing pieces that weren't perfect (which was all of them)
  4. She made me a really great tasting low cal lunch!
What more can I ask for? For some reason, as I "created" Helga she sort of "took over." I wanted her to be feisty and she is! As a result I got my playing board and little side "bins" completed along with over half the heads of the character pieces during our artist's date.

It is funny how you can truly hate a project until a key element gets completed. In my case the key log was the playing board. I was intimidated by gluing down the fabric and it paralyzed me. Since the board is the central piece of the project, it sapped all the creative energy out of me.

Kerri's brilliant solution was for me to cut chip-board to size and cover THAT with fabric. All the ugly unfinished edges would be underneath the board which in turn I'd glue to the playing board. Brilliant! And it worked great. Even though I still had it a bit crooked and should have redone it...Kerri talked me out of that, God bless her!

Tonight I finished up the main pieces so I am very happy. Doing all the bases and the beading was so tedious. I still have 17 pieces to do - they will be "coins" - and I have a lot of touching up to do on the main pieces. I need good light for the touch ups and that will wait for another day. The ideas I had for the "coins" so far didn't work so I need to think a bit more.

I'm not done with Helga. Well, her head is now perched on it's base so she is done as far as that goes. What I mean is I will be doing a nifty watercolor of her so she can be my new header.

As for the rest of the pieces and the finished project - well, those I won't be posting since Kerri is going to try to get them published. I saw 4 of the other people's finished projects and they are amazing! And yes, so far mine is the only silly one. Would you have it any other way?


kerrip said...

Goede ochtend, Helga! -- Okay that's Dutch for good morning, but my free online translation website doesn't have an English to Swedish(or viking) translation. I truly cannot wait to get my hands on this finished piece. It is absolute whimsical genius - just like you!!!!...colorful, complicated, fun, smart, and more!!!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE helga!!! everyone should have an alter ego like her to stick up for them!!!!

love d