Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me and My Shadow

Sickening Sweetness Warning!
Possible over dose on Puppy Pictures if you proceed!!
When Maggie isn't chewing on Penny, she is chewing and playing with a tennis ball. Len has accused Leanne of giving Maggie Labrador pills. Maggie will roll the tennis ball back and forth to Len for over an hour. When she gets tired, she lies down on her side and rolls it with her nose. It is very funny. She has learned had to "teach the humans" how to throw the ball for her. She drops it at our feet, in our books, on our computer keyboard, in our laundry baskets, in the open kitchen drawers...you get the picture! It is exhausting work as you can see.

Today Maggie got her "big girl" hair cut - the first one. Our groomer thinks she's a real cutie. The fourth and sixth picture shows Maggie in her new hair cut. Len got those two close ups of Penny and Maggie by accident with his new camera that he got for his birthday. Pretty cool eh?


kerrip said...

I love the yin yang picture of them sleeping nose to nose. Great pictures. You can never have too many puppy pics!!!

janie said...

They're gorgeous. The colour change of Penny's coat is quite amazing.

Going For Greatness said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Penny looks like an angel and yeah I see a little devil in Maggie's eyes.....