Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Canine Perspective: Humans

"Can't live with 'em...
too much work to get food without 'em!"

I know that is what our dogs think about "their" humans more often than not! They happily tolerate us most of the time but sometimes they just can't keep that "I can't BELIEVE these humans" look off of their fuzzy little faces. And usually for a darn good reason!

Case in point - my beloved the other day. Now, in his defense, Len was trying to be considerate. He feels bad when Penny comes in from the field with 100s of stickers in her fur and we spend literally a couple hours yanking them out of her hair - with some of the hair coming with the stickers! So Len bought Penny a little hunting outfit to keep her warm AND protect her from stickers. He tried it on her the other day. She was not amused.

Your Human Dresses You Funny!!
I'm quite certain that is what Maggie is saying to Penny. Look - Maggie was so flabbergasted that she even dropped her tennis ball - the camera photo caught it mid-air falling to the ground.

It is amazing what our dogs put up with. All the grooming, funny Halloween costumes, winter coats, harnesses to seat belt them in the car...etc. They are truly good sports and Penny is one of the most patient souls I know.

But, Penny figures that her misery can be circumvented with a couple treats from the treat drawer. And Maggie figures she can get in on the action - after all, she had to look at Penny in that horrible outfit! It wasn't even a designer label!! And the pocket was in the most unflattering place possible! If Maggie's paws weren't too big for the computer key board I think she would send Tim Gunn an email and request an intervention on Penny's behalf! Penny is too busy extracting as many treats as she can for the humiliation. Her view is if life gives you funny clothes - soak it for all it's worth!


kerrip said...

Poor Penny!! There's just no way to "make it work" when you're a poodle in camo!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in complete HYSTERICS over poor Penny's picture. It looks like she was afraid to move. She was probably thinking Len should have to try it on too!!

Love d