Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Artistic Intentions for 2008

These are in addition to my personal ones such as becoming less judgmental and trying to be a better person. And my desire for World Peace...
  • Focus on what I do best: whimsical horses, dogs, and ladies.
  • Improve drawing skills (unusual perspectives in backgrounds and odd angles such as direct head ons) and take some more watercolor lessons
  • Colorize my unpublished cartoons and submit to magazines
  • Do some doggie agility cartoons and find a market
  • Incorporate Geisha girl ATC design onto my handmade book boxes
  • Create animal paper doll submission for appropriate magazine
  • Translate my "Labs & Poodles" ideas into series of cartoons
  • Create some Red Gloved Lady "cards" and find a market for them
  • Do more of combining paper and fibers/embroidery (like my poodle mixed media project)
  • Play with clay more to work it into my current "style"
  • Make a whole lotta art!
I would be remiss not to include some outstanding art commitments:
  • Finally finish Chad & Betsy wedding album: I need to completely redesign it - I'm not happy with the structural integrity. I'm not looking forward to this.
  • Make Leanne & Dave's wedding book: why oh why did I volunteer to do this after claiming I'd never do another one?
  • Do Kerri's "Mixed Media Art Challenge" so she doesn't kill me: a 3-D mixed media - me - what was I thinking? I guess I felt I needed a stretch goal. But now I have a puppy and little time ... another "what was I thinking??!?!"
Of course I will continue my journals, sketch books, and participation in different artistic forums.

I do have a few "un-intentions". Things that I have found rather stifling.
  • Stop surfing art blogs/websites - too much fuel for that inner critic
  • Stop worrying about my art's marketability
So there you have it. It will be interesting to see what I actually produce this year! You know what they say about good intentions.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Gosh you have a busy year in store. Good luck, I really hope you achieve your goals.

so NOT cool said...

Great list of intentions. (This year, I did aspirations.) I included being less judgmental on mine as well because, while I feel like a generous and caring person, I find myself thinking snarky thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.

laurel said...

I like your rename to "intentions". That's how I look at them too. I hope you make great headway on your list and I love your blog title bar artwork.

Zari said...

oh! you have thought about every single detail!...good luck, hope you accomplish all you've planed!
happy 2008

Gabrielle said...

Those are good, concrete resolutions. You should make a list of them and tick them off as you complete each one to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

BTW, Your profile pic is totally cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to these lists...all of them. It's a quandry....I get so much inspiration from blogs and websites, but it also can confuse the brain and muddy the waters! I guess moderation is the key.