Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where Art Happens in Scotland

We're still buried here - trying to catch up after ice, snow, snow, ice, sleet, snow, and snow. And of course add a puppy to the mix and sick horses. I have pictures uploaded and no time to put in much text so here we go. I'll be a woman of few words this time...that would be a real change eh?

The following pictures are of our room in Kirroughtree House. I love it because it is quiet (top floor) and has GREAT light. These were shot on a rainy day without a flash and you can see how great the light is. I love to read and sketch in the window seat and also on the love seat in front of the bay windows. I never turned the TV set on once. While on vacation I NEVER want to know all the bad things going on in the world.

Here I am on the day we left. I actually spend little time in the room because I'm off touring the Scottish country side. But I love to steal an hour alone to do some art.

I had intended to post the link to the great Daniel Smith watercolor set I bought and had used to make up my travel watercolor set. Well, they don't have it on their website so I'll need to type in the colors. Another night.

We finally bought our kilts to Scotland to actually wear there. My kilt was custom made for me in Inverness on my first trip to Scotland. They mailed it to me when completed. It is "Spirit of Scotland pattern which I love and it is appropriate. I am in no way Scottish by blood, but in spirit! Len's was of course all from eBay. We still need to get him a formal kilt. But the men's are really expensive and we're keeping an eye open for a bargain.


kerrip said...

wow, gorgeous room, wonderful outfits and great kneecaps on Len!!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Oh how LOVELY!! What a fantastic get-away! You 2 look great in your kilts!
Nollaig chridheil huibh!!
( Merry Christmas in Scots Gaelic!)
ps - I got a card with a long letter from YOU!! I am am avid pen-paller )( have many pals around the world ) and I LOVE the 'old fashioned' way of communication!! I'll be writin' ye back, soon, Lassie!!